Keeping pace with new threats.

The list of potential explosive threats is greater and more varied than it’s ever been. Extremist groups continue to find new ways to develop improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and homemade explosives (HMEs) using creative and often unexpected deployment methods.  Today’s emergency responders, bomb disposal units, civilian support teams and military need expanded capabilities for rapid detection, identification and monitoring of new threats at the point of action.

Closing the detection gap.

Existing field optical tools perform well for explosive detection when large amounts of material are available to test but are unreliable as sample size shrinks. With MX908® emergency responders can perform rapid, highly sensitive trace detection for numerous explosives and precursors no matter how much sample is available. A simple swab test detects even what can’t be seen.

Hunting for explosives.

Explosives Hunter is a Mission Mode for trace detection of military and commercial grade explosives,  home-made energetics and relevant precursors.  It cuts through background clutter to clearly and rapidly identify explosives in the field.