Mission Statement
To be the premier supplier of tactical and specialist equipment worldwide. To this end, the team at GATE Specialties works diligently to provide a reliable, affordable, one-stop-shop solution for all Law Enforcement, Military and related agencies and professionals
GATE Specialties serves as a reliable source of information and advice & training on latest developments in this area on the Dutch market.

The founder and owner of GATE Specialties is drawing from almost seven years experience in a emergency service and support unit for national governments, wehere he started this business in 2009 part-time. From where he started working full-time mid 2011 in GATE Specialties. Thus with almost everybody of the GATE Specialties team possessing a law enforcement background, there is extraordinary product expertise, ability to relate, and passion for the markets served.

For any given product or product line, GATE Specialties aligns itself with only the most reputable vendors with the highest product quality and standards. We thrive to deliver only the most innovative products on today's market to our customers! We offer only those products to ensure our persistent thrive to be the premier supplier on today's market

What drives us
For the Benelux region and Switzerland represents Wedge-it, the Ultimate doorstop! The owner of GATE Specialties is affiliated with HazmatLINK ltd. from the United Kingdom, and acts as Business Development Manager for the Benelux region. This includes the gathering and collecting relevant information about (new) customers, create sales leads, follow-on activities to promote sales, delivering a formal offer and after sales. It includes assessing the business and customers and with this evaluation to fully exploit the potential, using relevant tools. The design and manufacture of (embroidery) emblems, the so-called patches and badges has also become part of the core business. GATE Specialties is can also supply for 5.11 Tactical Series.

Furthermore GATE Specialties can supply numerous of other goods and brands, such as; Trellchem chemical suits, FLIR thermal imagers, ACD-Airshelters Decon solutions, Delta leather goods, ICON Protect chemical/tactical coveralls, Illumiglow products, Cellebrite products for mobile forensics.

Additionally GATE Specialties can provide with government specific training courses in the area of hazardous materials, CBRN terrorism and drugs(dismantling). Through the extensive experience and specialist training/education of our teachers, GATE Specialties has the unique ability to provide customized training courses that will suit the exact needs of the participants. For more information on training see the training section.

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